Trent and Staff were great. My back was out because of arthritis and a couple other things. The thing that impressed me the most, was when Trent went over my back the first time dialed EXACTLY and I mean EXACTLY, without a x ray or anything and said, I can tell this is where your pain is stemming from. Almost like touching the tip of a pin exactly point to point with another tip of a pin. After that I was a trusting believer in the input and direction that I received from him. People must remember that it is not a miracle cure and each person must take responsibility to do their exercises and rehabilitation program that is designed for them by FIT PT. I submit that if a person puts in the time, does the work consistently, and follows their rehabilitation program, there is light at the end of what is usually a very tricky and troublesome tunnel. AND, they have great senses of humor that makes it a fun placed to do some otherwise un-fun work, Go FIT PT