After my osteotomy of my right femur, I was anxious to get moving again. I was not disappointed in the treatment I received at the Riverfront location. Trent and Thomas were so friendly and made me feel at ease. The PT, Trent, was so friendly and helped me so much. He gave me exercises that I could do at home that helped build up strength in my leg and gave me the confidence to start walking again. I wasn’t sure if I’d regain a lot of range of motion, but I couldn’t believe how much I regained after only a few visits, I was amazed! I actually enjoyed going to physical therapy because I was gaining so much strength and mobility after every visit, and also it was like I was visiting friends. I will be returning to this location after my next osteotomy in a few months. Plus, the new location at Riverfront is beautiful and has a great layout. Thank you Trent and Thomas for all you’ve helped me with, I will always appreciate it!