Physiotherapy Services Ajax, Whitby & Oshawa, ON


At The Physio Studio, our physiotherapists are dedicated to maximizing your recovery in every way and restoring your complete health and wellness. Our goal is to address all components of your injury, not just the injury itself, but all factors that could have contributed to it. Our physiotherapy team has nearly 15 years of clinical experience in the field of orthopedic injuries and we are passionate about making you feel like you are our number one priority each and every time we see you.

Initial Assessments are booked as private, 1-on-1, 45 minutes to 1-hour sessions where we not only assess your specific injury but more importantly, we look at your body as a whole to address all contributing factors. This includes discussing your personal goals in terms of getting you back to enjoying a lifestyle that maximizes your health and is free from injury.

Our follow-up treatments are booked as private, 1-on-1, 30 minutes appointments ensuring that you have the full attention of your physiotherapist for the entirety of your visit. Our physiotherapists take great pride in keeping up with the latest, most modern and evidence-based treatment techniques. Some of the treatments you may experience include:

Our experienced physiotherapy team also realizes that at times, your goals cannot be met with physiotherapy alone. There are times when working with a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals is key to your full and complete recovery. For this reason, your physiotherapist may also discuss incorporating nutrition or massage therapy into your treatment plan.

Some patients may also have the opportunity to work with Certified Athletic Therapists, Registered Kinesiologists or Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists under the direction of their Physiotherapist in order to enhance and maximize their recovery through exercise by correcting poor movement patterns and/or muscle imbalances, improving functional strength, mobility and/or cardiovascular health as per patients’ individual goals.

Whatever your injury, whatever your goals, Physiotherapy at The Physio Studio has the expertise and the passion to help you move forward and start living the healthy, vibrant, active lifestyle you’ve always wanted! Contact us today at Oshawa, Ajax & Whitby, ON centers for an appointment!